What makes Jordan so hard is that it was the One of GH2. It's fine at #3 though. Everyone knows this song as the hardest one at the very end of "Guitar Hero 3." This is definitely an easier song to just beat, but for me is impossible to beat without star power, or to FC it. ). This song has basically no pattern in the solos, and they're so hard to master. Not the hardest song in the game, but certainly higher than #9 (definitely harder than Number of the Beast) Why the hell is this ninth? This Day we Fight-Megadeth 10 Many players think this song is very difficult based on the solos it has and very fast pace of the song. ALL SOLO. Here is a gift guide for all the people in your life, that happens to be from Black-owned shops. Constant strumming, devilishly hard mini-solos that come out of nowhere, and pretty much no rest anywhere in the song...one of the only songs in the series like this. This is dragon force. You might do well. parts literally kill my hands and I need full star power to barely pass them. "You Rock", which is just like the beginning, but not as long and not as much notes.