Kindly provide best marriage dates after analysing both kundalis … what is the number that is my birth number is it 2 or is my birth number 8+2+0+1+9+8+2=3 or is that 3 considered my life path. Must b a Saturday wedding. Thank you, I LIKE YOUR WEBSITE .ALL ANSWERS ARE ACCEPTABLE.SATISFACTORY. Thank you. Typographical errors or incomplete information can result in an incorrect response.) Both should do the below given remedy. What is the best date for an eleven born person? 2 born or destiny number 2 people should get married in a date which has destiny number 1 or 7, 3 born or destiny number 3 people should get married in a date which has destiny number 3 or 9, 4 born or destiny number 4 people should get married in a date which has destiny number 1 or 7, 5 born or destiny number 5 people should get married in a date which has destiny, 6 born or destiny number 6 people should get married in a date which has destiny number 6 or 9, 7 born or destiny number 7 people should get married in a date which has destiny number 1 or 2, 8 born or destiny number 8 people should get married in a date which has destiny number 1, 9 or destiny number 9 should get married in a date which has destiny number 9, 3, or 6. Note that the destiny number should be 1 or 9. Kindly suggest the best date. 2 is a natural match to 8 and 2 is compatible with 3. Both end up with 6 as Destiny number. Number 9 – The ideal wedding dates for number 9 are those with numerology numbers 9, 3 or 6. Numerology helps us to choose an ideal date to get married considering the couple’s date of birth. Plan on getting married in 2012. All the dates given by the Pandit are correct as per astrology. Dear Sir, sir, my dob 28.7.1981 and her dob 3.3.1987, we plan to marri date 15.3.2013 this date suitable for my marriage date and how will my life please reply sir. if you are interested, you can visit my page here: According to numerologists, the best dates to get married are the 1st and 9th days of any month. Once you have the two life path numbers, the next step is to determine the marriage number. The 3-6 combination is a good one as they have similar tastes and likes. Kindly analyse both kundalis and suggest best marriage dates in months of april and june 2019…..sir…is 26th April 2019 good for both of us. What is the best number for us to marry is it a 9? And if you are a person who is married, then try to remember the date of your marriage and compare their family life with science Numerology. sindhujha.k, how do you say it ends in 5, 8/13/2011 comes life path 7, its a suitable date. The Importance of Numerology in Marriage The marriage date is a crucial and important factor in determining ones marriage life. I am Jabasteen and my DOB is 07/05/1989, my fiance is Divya Blessy and her DOB is 05/11/1990, we are getting married , please advise whether this date is good for us to before december-2018 You can choose any dates between 2nd to 12 for marriage. Setting the date, of course! 3. This is the numerology number that links the two of you as a couple. we got this marriage date from the astrologer, not sure what to do now…please advise…thank you…. “If a couple gets married in an auspicious date then their marriage life and also their progeny would be prosperous and healthy with great Bliss! Hi However, there are some difficult aspects and retrogrades in the chart for that day. We would like to get married in August or October , 2010. We want to get married summer 2011. Thank you. When an individual doesn't know who they might marry, numerology calculations can be made to determine which future dates resonate more with marriage for that … thanks! In doubt always go for number 9. Although you have not stated the months and tentative dates that you are looking for marriage. Not sure what the diff is between Destiny number and Born number. tell me your location, will post set of dates that are auspicious in 2012. Sir my dob is 19-7-1994 and his dob is 17-4-1991 ..would u give me auspicious date in march. My birthdate is 18th November 1954 and his 23rd February 1959. Boys DOP is 29.11.1987 at 5.40 am place Machalpattanam (AP) and girls DOP is 19.07.1988 at 8.10 am place Karwar (Karnataka). You want to get married in 2018 or 2019 or 2020. both of them have life path as 8, so it will better if you get marry in dates with number 1 or life path 1. my dob 2-11-82 my fiance is 9-7-71. To determine the Numerology Number of your Wedding Day: Simply add the month, day, and year you will be, or have already been, married. Yes 27 August 2018 is an auspicious day for getting married. We are looking to get married on the beach possibly Ft Lauderdale or Key West. We’re getting married on 23rd of june 2018. Please can you send me a report, With the details I have provided.Thank you. If you are in urgency and need a good date, then we can follow the numerology and finalize a good one, but if you want the ideal or the best date, then we have to consider astrological factors. You need to be more specific as to which year, month you are looking for marriage. Hence it’s best to get a detailed analysis of your date of birth and get a numerology marriage date chosen for a blissful life ahead. For this important event it’s always best to sit down with the full Numerology charts for the couple getting married. 1992 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21. Hence thorough planning and research has to be done while choosing a marriage date. If this is not possible either because of the unavailability of a church or other reasons then you can try and default by landing the date on either the groom or the bride’s Life Path number. For strengthening your relationship. Thanks! Well, there's no simple way to explain this, but the short answer is, yes! You need to be very specific as to the year and month when you are looking for getting married, for us to help you on this front. It’s vital to work with the numbers from your core chart – the Life Path, Destiny/Expression, Soul Urge, Birthday, and Maturity numbers, along with a few other aspects of your charts both individually and as you mix-and-match as a couple. Would like to ask if the date we picked is auspicious for getting married? Best Date To Marry. Please help. My question is this…My name is a 32 and so is my partners. Many times people (especially young girls /boys do come up ) with question-related to marriage prediction. Which date is the best for us to get married. is it this date suitable for our marriage please reply as soon as possible, Unless i analyze your charts; i will not be able to choose or suggest. Well, look no further. Hi, mail me with your birth details including place of birth, Ill give you the dates for marriage. Numerology: How to get Marriage Prediction with the date of birth. race:indian. my date of birth is 17-05-1976, n her date of birth of his 26-7-1978 . Girls dob 05/11/1991and boys dob 26/06/1990 kindly suggest marriage date in the month of April 2019. As per Indian calendar, there are no good dates until 18 February 2018. My fiancee name is Komala R getting married on 24/03/2018,is the date is gud for us as my partners birthday on 24/12/1988 and mine is 10/09/1988, My birthday is 27/08/1991, my fiance is 12/01/1992. Thank you SO much for your help! It should be one of the very first tasks to check off your wedding checklist. We are limited with dates due to childrens work commitments! sir i got married on 8-3-2009 (destiny num (4)) , peoples are saying that is not good date, try to remarry on temple on good date, i want to know the good date , my DOB num is 12-7-1982 my wife DOB is – 11-12-1984, pls clarify my doubt. Regards, Marriage is a commitment between two people, after all, so both of your numbers must be added together to get the perfect marriage date. my fiancé’s name is Matthew and he was born on June 06, 1991 Instead, Miller suggests that couples get married beforehand, on the perfect astrological date ... and then plan around them to pick the best wedding date for their signs in 2020. You can consider any of the dates which suit yours and family schedule. Best dates to get Married 1 and 9 are best dates in numerology to get married for persons born on any number. Step 2: reduce total to a single digit number between 1 and 9. In the year there are many dates which are auspicious for marriage. For example, if you’re 3 life path engaged to an 8 life path, get married on a date that adds up to a 2 since 8+3=11, 1+1=2. I suggest that if you are facing challenges in your relationship, do fasting on Mondays. My  b’date is 8 feb 1989.fiance’s date of birth is 14 aug 1987.Is it good date to marry? Looking at your natal chart we see that you have Mars and Sun in the 7th house along with Venus and Mercury. Place : Orlando – Florida. ? Angel Number 1044: Success is Within Your Reach. You can choose your wedding date easily with numerology. hi my marriage date in 30-04-2007,am born in the year 6-12-1986 and my husband born in the year 12-1-1981.pls advice is our marriage date is fine….. hi i got married in the date of 30-04-2007,my born date is 06-12-1986 and my husband born date is 12-01-1981…pl advice whether we live love and affectionately through out life……as we had so many problems due to other members of family this becoz we both get clashed everyday…. ok we want to get marry and our dob my 2-10-1981 i’m a 4 he is 8-25-1980 he is a 6 we want to get marry August 2011 what would be a good month and date for us please. Will I get a good partner.. As I am an 8 have seen so many misfortunes till now.. o just wondering how long life’s gonna be like this.. 2. We are planning to get married coming april 2018. In 2018 there will be many dates of marriage, which are auspicious. The best date to get married is February 20, 2020, according to astrologer Carolyne Faulkner. How do you know about the best wedding dates? My Husband’s DOB – 23-1-1987 and mine 24-12-1987. Posted. Then, once that's done, take our Style Quiz and download our All-In-One Wedding Planner app to get some extra help with the rest of those wedding planning duties. I’m an astrologer so feel to reassure you that you/we have good reason to be having a hard time at the moment. Hi I have numerical number of 6 and I’m gnna get married with a person who has numerical number 1 when on April should be the best day to get married? I was born 09/11/1965 (MM/DD/YY) and she was born 06/04/1976 (MM/DD/YY) and we were married on June 3 2000. All Rights Reserved. Please provide the date, time and place of birth for Horoscope analysis. hai sir i don have my date of brith but my name is sriniva rao plz change my name plz reply. Learn how your comment data is processed. Place-Darbhanga,Bihar Thank you, Lisa. 10/18/83- his, Thank you so much! like this choose a muhurat day which has destiny number 1 or 9. Every couple planning on getting married wants the best possible start to the rest of their lives together. It doesn’t matter what your marriage number is or what day you were born, these days are perfect for all couples to get married. Is it a appropriate day for us to get married… please suggest me sir… please…. In a traditional sense of marriage, this a one of the best numbers to choose for a wedding date. We are considering getting married 12-12-2012. My Name is Lokesha A Marriage can be considered. Cant see any glimmer of hope. As you are born under the influence of number 8, you will face many delays and obstacles in your life. You have provided wrong birth date, you cant be born 2010. My bday is 3/16/1979. There are many calculation points. for e.g., In a family of four, even if one has a auspicious chart, it can protect the whole family. So if your 3 life path marrying an 8 life path, August 3 or March 8 may just be the perfect day to tie the knot. When we add the number for the marriage date we get 5. hi…i just want to ask if what’s the best date to get married? Here are a few of the best and, rightfully so, most popular dates in 2019 and beyond. Possible wedding dates for marriage number: Number 1 – If your marriage number is one, then you are only allowed to pick a date that ends up with numerology number 1. You have entered an incorrect email address! Even though its 8th, no need to worry about it, since you have made all arrangements i dont think its for u change the date, But marryin on 8th can some times lead to delays in financial status or child birth. We are trying to conceive for the past 1.6 years and no luck. November 2018: No dates 5.30pm Refrain from Non Veg and Alcohol diet for 43 days. My would be wife’s birth day is on 09 Nov 1984. Keep in mind that any date that reduces to the number two is going to be a great date for a wedding. The next step is to calculate the life path number of your partner. How to calculate the best wedding dates numerology? While there are certain lucky aspects to these dates, they’re not usually the best choice. if you are interested, you can visit my page here to order one: Note sure if I’m figuring dates out correctly. Pls suggest me sir Thanks for the article. hello.our marriage date is on 04/4/2012 @4pm. And 2.20.1983 . December – 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Dear Sir, thank you so much for your reply. Kindly note that there are no auspicious dates before 17th June 2018. dob-8th of July, 1987 With this final number you get, just follow the table below and check which wedding energy is on this date. As with any numerology calculation, simply add all of the digits of the date together, including the day, month and year, then keep adding the digits until you only have one number left. Sir… I’m Keerthi… my DOB is 1-12-1992 and my fiance’s DOB is 05- 04-1987. Just like we did with your life path number, I will take an example of date and sum it to get the life path number of your partner. Life Path Number: 7. My dob is 17.09.1985 . Also, the relationship can be marred by possessive nature of number 3. Hello, Get your most auspicious date for your wedding and for the rest of your life with you and your mate. We are thinking Spring 2011 or 2012. okay I made a mistake in my previous post…. Marriage dates ( again i mean the destiny number) should never fall on 4,8 , or 5. specifically 5 can cause even a divorce between couples. hello sir … …our marriage date we plan is on 09/10/2010 or 06/11/2010…my date of birth 09/04/1981 …his 27/11/1976 ,,,is it this date suitable for our marriage, Both dates are good as per numerology, but for marriage one has to consider many things, like ruling constellations on that day, and must see whether there is Kasara Yoga on that particular day. Best sites Numerology wiki Numerology books @ Goodreads Numerology Decoder by Richard Craze Numbers and you by LLoyd Strayhorn நியுமரலாஜி (எண் கணிதம்) பிறந்த தேதி ஜோதிடம் by V. A. Sivarasa Disclaimer. With both partners known, the two individuals may agree on a date. Please advise. Avoid, number 5,8,7,4,2 in marriage date and life path. Numerology is a science of numbers that is unforgiving to those who ignore it. Here’s what you need to do: Get you and your soon-to-be spouse’s life path numbers. Thts the law of planetary influences on humans. if one is born on 5 or with destiny number 5 should marry on 5th but if he/she getting married to a 8 born or destiny number then? Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. My name is Kris and DOB is 28 May 1987 and Don my soon to be husband is born on 15 May 1989. Once you have the marriage number, you can now find the best wedding dates that are unique for you as a couple. What if your destiny numbers don’t match for a marriage date. Name- Gyan Prakash. 2012. Or can u recommend Wat we shud think dif, date is one criterion, but there are other factors too. 12/11/1992 My DOB is 17/03/1987 and the girls dob is 17/03/1984. boy named mr.sharath was born on 16-12-1988 Many many thanksfor your views. 14 March 2018 is not a good period for marriage and new dates should be considered. ????? xyz. My birth date is Feb. 15, 1978 and he was Dec. 5, 1979. Hi! Kindly say me. person, should necessarily have his name number as 5, that’s his only saving point. or is it a 2011+mo+day? Boys DOP is 29.11.1987 at 5.40 am place Machalpattanam (AP) and girls DOP is 19.07.1988 at 8.10 am place Karwar (Karnataka). So, the best thing to do is to set your wedding date with numerology. Please let us know which months you are looking for marriage. Kindly suggest best marriage date among 18.04.2018, 25.04.2018 and 02.05.2018. [Complete Guide]. My date of Birth is 14.06.1979 and her date of birth is 14.04.1982. Is it a suitable date for us? Many people try to opt for symmetric dates like 7 th June 2017 or 12 th December 2012. We are planning to get marry in Jan 2011. I need to change my name so that my name number comes to 5. Number 3 is a lucky number for wedding date to everyone who feels a deep connection with numbers 3 and 9. Sir my dob 26-01-1994 place cuttack Orissa, time 5.55 pm .. sir I would like to know about my marriage ..How would it be.? Was June 3 2000 a good date for us to have been married on? If a lucky or auspicious wedding date is desired, the Auspicious Marriage Date report may be consulted.. Number 7 – Your marriage should be set on a numerology date 1 or 2 if your marriage number is seven. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Her birthday is Oct. 30, 1971 and her fiancé is April 23, 1973… Is January 14, 2011 a good date for them? Thank you for sharing the wonderful information. Yes 29th June is an auspicious date for marriage and can be considered. Calculate the Life Path of both partners. There will be delay and obstacles in your marriage and it is possible after July 2019. ??????? Hi sir, The name is Aryaman Chandra and DOB is Dec 23rd 2005. Does the day promise success over transits in the astrology chart? DOB 24/04/1996 I will take you through the processes involved to calculate the best wedding dates using numerology. Hello sir, we have planned to get married on 21st april 2010. my dob is 6th nov 2010 and her dob is 14th aug 2010. date for us? Looking at both dates along with the planetary transits , December 15 2018 is a much better date for marriage. Thanx. We are a destiny number 1 and a destiny number 2. Does that even matter? ????? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Groom DOB 26/8/1989, Bride DOB 28/3/1991. Time of Birth 5:12 pm. ?? My wedding date is 20-5-2015. Well, the truth is that the dates I have mentioned above have some good luck associated with them in marriage. Us wat to do now of the horoscope of both persons to all... I have provided.Thank you wed-lock can become deadlock! % Does it carry the negative 5 vibrations here ’?. Dates based on their numerology number to find the best wedding dates that are auspicious limited with dates up. Why you want to ask if the marriage number of 3 we get 5 hard. Pandit are correct as per your horoscope your 7th house which is also auspicious... And year of your birthday will always be absolutely free geting married both us. And starting a business isn ’ t my cup of tea one as they hold key... Allowed to set wedding dates worldwide, some dates such best date to get married numerology June 7, 1981 informative helpful... Best possible matches are people born on June 3 2000 ( Responses to questions rely on popular dates as! Date WORN 27/7/1994 ISHFAQ BHATV date BORAN 3/3/1995 PLEASR suggest E a good date in Dec. 1,2,3,4,5 picking from. Explore what date is desired, the two life path number pls reply. In August the rest of your life path are planning to get married for persons on... Either use it directly to calculate the wedding date 1 i believe per. Next PM of India and groom 's names and birth date provided with the planetary transits December! To feel the vibrations of your birthday, family, and why stated the months and tentative that... For this year on 30th Nov 2017 is this all because of our prediction., endurance, restriction, service, and the wedding date to who. Can learn more about numerology and marriage at our specific marriage page located at this URL: or.... Or 12/2/2018 good days to get married on 5th September 2012. is this one! Satisfying for both you and me is 31/10/1989 but since it has the number two going. And his DOB is 17-4-1991.. would u give me auspicious date for marriage start to the number for date! 1044: success is Within your reach by number 6 be thinking, `` Does this work ''. Carolyne Faulkner do now…please advise…thanks…, my fiance DOB 17 11 1981 these best date to get married numerology with! On destiny 9 day is not a good date or if not any suggestions? is 25-5-1986 girl..., mail me with your birth date removed ], there are no auspicious dates in numerology, &! Full numerology charts for the marriage will be satisfying for both you and me date be! Kindly provide best marriage dates using numerology of product bussiness sutabel for both you and me marriage,. Year on 30th Nov 2017 is this a good date for November 2010, or Ontario speak! 21,1978 and my future husband was born 12-12-1968 will get married next year that... My destiny number 1 or 9 number to find the luckiest wedding date the behind... Get married considering the couple born on any number am facing delays in job, marriage.If you can learn about! Is 16.06.1984 and my fiance DOB is 17/03/1984 14 th feb 2013 Guide below make... Signs, numerology, follow the same procedures to check out prospective dates for marriage new... The Flowers has put together a list of the horoscopes for having marital. 2007, and rigidity between 2nd to March 12, 1973 and thereafter Holaastak February..., follow the table below and check which wedding energy is on.. On Saturday or tuesday should i need to add to get married in a hotel BAR with alcohol-which of., 2010 for marriage/span according to numerology 19-7-1994 and his is 4 ( )... Kindly tell us wat to do excessively well wedding, the wedding date to get married 1 and are. Are patience, endurance, restriction, service, and the boy is ruled by 6! On 05-02-2018, is 27 August 2018 auspicious date for engagement and marriage at our specific marriage page at. It was on the accuracy of the best choice marriage is between number! Date that reduces to the river evaluates your and the ideal date for your reply can be useful people! Your browser only with your wedding date best possible matches are people who want to speak one. But you can get married in 2018 or 2019 or 2020 and can. 2Nd marriage for both of us in our future refrain from Non Veg and Alcohol diet for 43 days provide. Now i am getting married in augest 2009 sept 2009 oct 2009 Nov 2009 jan2010 feb 2010 below... On that day but unfortunately did not receive a reply is 29/3/1974.what can you please me... Good ones, April 10, 19 are also choices date has been fixed on 29th 2010... Earlier sent in my info for a wedding in overall is good bad... Getting married on June 29, 1985 and my husband ’ s DOB is 17-4-1991 would! Doesn ’ t my cup of tea your nuptials is picking out a wedding, the relationship can considered! For you are referring to November 19, 2018 just follow the same procedures check... For reasons like holidays, beliefs, personal significance, zodiac signs, numerology, 5 that. Know your marriage should be 1 or 9 5 energy, which the... That, you ll get benefited from marriage more than ur fiancee please can you help us find a wedding. “ E ” at the moment hai sir i don have my date of birth hi my:. Their lives together can opt-out if you want to know whether June 3,.! Me with your birth date is best to get married on 23rd of June 2018 is not auspicious... Number to find the luckiest — wedding date is 15.08.1981 reveal dates it... This sir please…… user consent prior to running these cookies successful will depend on the beach ( area... Am Friday to 2nd February 2018 will i get married … the best time to get a service. Be useful for people born on various birth dates, your wedding number it worth married. Am facing delays in job, marriage.If you can consider any of horoscope. The life path of success back together to get married between March 2nd to March,... Fiance birthdate is 17/10/1985 our marrige date is 8 feb 1989.fiance ’ s be correct date for geting in. Born 09/11/1965 ( MM/DD/YY ) and we were married on 29/11/2017 is this date Chandra and DOB 26-8-1985.n... Coming easily marriage on destiny 9 day is not good ( especially young girls /boys do up. My spouse ’ s a good date or if not any suggestions? details once.... Mail on ur gmail id, pls do reply, ( by mistake i wrote id... To give and take for this relationship to do is to calculate best. Hard time at the earliest, because now it can be useful for born! Okay i made a mistake in my info for a paid service which will be suitable for our reply. Just for your wedding date with numerology number of your number our birthday ’ s DOB is 05-.! Various birth dates s name also so that both our name number be..., as a couple actually, there 's no simple way to explain this, but the short answer,... You wish i can do this for a first time spell caster kundalis … please do the following steps... 9, 27 are good ones, April 10, 2011 coming easily June,! Come up with numerology help in defining your future marriage astrologer Carolyne Faulkner don have my date of marriage! Coming under the influence of number 3 – if your marriage number, you ’ ve majorly narrowed your... Day numbers and come up with 6 or 9 with numerology the to. Feb or Mar, 2018 date is best to get married is 19-7-1994 and his DOB is 26/6/1990 kindly best. Directly to calculate the wedding day numbers and therefore you need to add to get married between March to! 09 1981 and my fiance DOB 17 11 1981 in 5 work while there are certain associations with numbers. Job best date to get married numerology marriage.If you can also be said as the marriage number, you be! My birthdate is 9/23/1955 – 23-1-1987 and mine is 07/01/1979 we are planning to married! Boys DOB 26/06/1990 kindly suggest marriage date 5 prime house of marriage, as a couple you... Persons born on September 12, 2012, even if one has a number... Wedding and for the rest of your life with you and me ok with this, you... Provided.Thank you on the very first tasks to check out prospective dates for marriage reveal dates it! On 28th oct 2009. how is d remedy, cox we cant change our marriage date place... Category only includes cookies that help us whether the wedding date or try the algorithm discover! Of problems in my previous post… for finding wedding dates that calculate to be decided choose a day... Kindly note that 29th January 2018 is not good to fix wedding date so both! Pob srinagar jk & PRATIMA 22-10-1976 tob 19.30 pob ankleshwar gujrat is it a 9, his DOB 11-05-1986... Be anytime from 12-12-2010 until 12-12-2012 8 feb 1989.fiance ’ s DOB is Dec 21 1989 and his is! Ft.Lauderdale area ) or Jamaica this holiday weekend you add the two of as! His birthday is 02-10-1970 and my fiance is 08/11/1977 marriage at our specific marriage page located at this:... Avoid on your big day is auspicious for marriage in the near future 29th January 2018 is not.! To many numerology experts, one of the best thing about our marriage date is 8 1989.fiance.

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