Complete the required planting by a new date established in consultation with Urban Forestry. As part of the consultation, 86 percent of the people we heard from supported a tree protection by-law for trees on private property. The Forestry Bylaw was established to regulate, protect, plant and maintain trees within the city. DBH refers to the average width of the tree trunk measured at 1.4 m above the ground. Urban Forestry requires guarantee deposits to: Urban Forestry collects the following deposits: Urban Forestry collects guarantee deposits under the authority of: The applicant can submit the required deposit(s) at Urban Forestry service counters including the Ravine and Natural Feature Protection service counter. Tree removal permits grant permission to remove tree(s) from private property, and may include a requirement to plant a replacement tree(s). We’ve strengthened our private tree protection by-law to help us preserve healthy trees and protect our community’s urban forest. Anyone wishing to remove a tree must find out whether a tree permit is required. and. City-Owned Tree Removal Trees are an important part of the urban landscape. Homeowners must confirm ownership of a tree on or near their property before doing any work on it, such as trimming. The bylaw also requires that no person may plant Tree Planting Security Deposit for stewardship/naturalization within the Ravine Protected Area. If you wish to dispute a fee or you believe a fee has been improperly applied, an email should be sent to Urban Forestry at Having good photos on file may reduce the number of site visits required and so speed up the process of reviewing your application. The implementation of stewardship/naturalization plans can take many years. The value also includes removal costs and the cost for a replacement tree. Our experienced crew is insured and certified to prune and remove trees in the city of Toronto. For trees growing on an angle from a horizontal grade and for trees growing vertical on slopes, (see Figs. Ensuring that the City of Toronto achieves it’s goal in the area of urban forestry management of a sustainable urban forest. There is no fee when applying for a Good Forestry Practices permit. This by-law was approved at Council on December 12, 2002. If your tree is smaller than the specified DBH, you might be exempt from obtaining a permit to remove a tree. If the property is located near a river, creek or a steep slope, it may be regulated under RNFP bylaw. The Forestry Bylaw was established to regulate, protect, plant and maintain trees within the city. The answer is yes, you do need a tree removal permit Toronto. Urban Forestry will issue a second written notification to the owners of a boundary or a neighbour tree at least fifteen days before they issue a permit to injure and/or remove their tree(s). Contact City Planning for further information. Also, you must notify Urban Forestry at the end of construction to obtain approval to remove tree protection hoarding, For the purposes of making an application under Chapter 813, the owner is defined as. The City’s Tree Protection Bylaw No. A landscape/replanting plan illustrates the replacement tree(s) to be planted. Agreement for arborists to perform work on City-owned trees. The payee is the individual named on the original method of payment for any Guarantee Deposit, fee or other payment type made to the City of Toronto including credit, debit, certified cheque, money order, bank draft or Letter of Credit. Email: The bylaw covers, but is not limited to: Tree inventory Significant trees Permits Logging Steep slope areas Emergency removal Injuring and/or destroying (removing) a protected tree without a permit is considered an offence under Chapter 813, Article IV of the Municipal Code. Tree Removal Under Toronto City By-law. Draft Private Tree By-law Updates The consultation period has closed for the Draft Private Tree By-law that was presenterd to Committee of the Whole on June 10th, 2019. When work is being done on private property and homeowners/contractors require vehicular access through public parkland, a Parks Access Agreement must be obtained from the local Parks Supervisor. 8057 generally prohibits the cutting or removal of any tree larger than 20 cm (7-7/8 inches) in diameter at breast height (dbh - measured at 1.4m or 4'7" above the ground) without a permit. You need a permit for any activity that could result in injury, destruction or removal of a protected tree. The City of Woodstock School Zone Policy E012 was approved by City Council on November 16, 2017 and adopted to improve the safety of students to and from school due to the congestion created around schools during pick-up and drop-off times. City Fee for Removal permit application: $50.00 for the first tree between 15cm and 24cm. Only 21 per cent of those applications were to remove a dead or dying tree. The most fundamental aspect of the Toronto Tree Removal By-law. This is the Tree Protection By-law. It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine the tree ownership. They absorb water, clean the air, provide shade, reduce erosion, flooding and wind tunnels, and decrease heating and cooling costs. cutting, breaking, tearing, crushing, exposing or stripping tree’s roots, trunk and branches. Apply for a Tree-Cutting Permit. If an application is incomplete, the City will advise in writing which items are necessary to complete the application. Tree preservation methods may include the erection of hoarding, crown and root pruning, fertilization, aeration, mulching and watering, to name a few. These drawings help your arborist and Urban Forestry staff determine the extent of canopy pruning that may be required where the trees are close to the proposed structures. It these cases, it is often essential for dead or hazardous trees to be removed. Background. Access Service Oshawa Online to submit common requests related to City boulevard and park trees. If the base of a tree straddles the property line (boundary tree), either property owner may apply for a permit to injure or remove that tree. What are the exemptions from needing a permit? The Tree Protection By-law was approved by City Council on August 30, 2016. Heritage trees and endangered species are also protected. The Tree Preservation By-law was adopted by Council to support a greener community and a healthier environment. Tree Removal Requirements Submission of an application does not guarantee that a permit will be issued. A tree with a DBH of 30 cm (12 inches) has a circumference of 94.2 cm (37 inches). Please put your address as the subject heading of your email to expedite processing. To complete your application, the following documents are required. The City maintains trees that line Vancouver’s streets and trees in parks. This helps to ensure the future of the urban canopy in accordance with the City Council approved Toronto’s Strategic Forest Management Plan. As of January 1, 2020, the fee for an Application to Injure or Remove Trees has changed. No objects shall be attached to a tree, including decorative lights without the prior written approval of the General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Removal of any tree is not to be undertaken lightly and the city is committed to preserving all public trees if at all possible. Size of replacement tree(s) – Urban Forestry requires minimum 50 mm caliper for deciduous trees and minimum 1.75-2.5 m height for coniferous trees. Collected funds will be held in a non-interest bearing account. A permit is required for trees that are in poor condition. If your property is located either entirely or partially within a ravine protected area, you may be required to apply to the City for a permit prior to undertaking any work that includes the injury or removal of a tree, placing or dumping fill or refuse, or altering the existing grade of land. Maintenance is important for the health of trees. Also, failing to protect a tree according to the City standards is considered a tree injury. Permission is required for any tree maintenance work, including minor pruning, tree planting and integrated pest management. Email: City Tree Bylaws and Tree Removal . You can calculate the diameter of a tree (DBH) by dividing the value of its circumference (C) by number pi (∏ = 3.1416…). The Tree Protection Bylaw reduces the number of trees removed, killed, cut or damaged, by having in place improved protection and replanting requirements. Diameter (cm) Check one Check one Boundary/ Neighbour . This is the Tree Protection By-law. Anyone can request the refund of a Guarantee Deposit (as a requestor), however the refund cheque will only be made out to the original payee. The Tree Protection By-law was approved by City Council on August 30, 2016. Purpose The removal or injury of trees on private property may be prohibited under the Private Tree By-law unless authorized by a permit. Urban Forestry prefers large-growing. For more information on city trees, please contact us at 519-741-2345.Trees that cross property lines and the pruning of branches that overhang onto neighbouring properties are civil issues between neighbours and are not addressed by the tree conservation bylaw. Disturbing these roots with excavation or compaction may lead to the decline and eventual death of a tree. Total Number of Trees Included in Application. In 2012, the City of London consulted with residents to develop the Urban Forest Strategy. This bylaw prohibits and regulates certain activities occurring either on or adjacent to City parkland which may impact existing trees. Scaled-down faxed/photocopied copies are not acceptable. The Protection of Trees Bylaw defines only certain cases when a tree can be removed. A permit to injure a tree under a City Tree Protection By-law is not required if a full tree protection zone is provided. The Private Tree By-law was adopted to preserve significant trees on private property in the City, to assist in sustaining the urban forest in the city and to educate individuals with respect to tree protection measures and alternatives to tree injury and destruction. The permit must remain posted until the approved tree injury or removal has been completed in accordance with the permit. All drawings must be legible and at a useable scale. Tree protection policies and specifications have been developed to protect and preserve city trees. Key elements of the Bylaw are summarized in the following Bulletins: Bulletin - Tree-01: Tree Protection Bylaw 8057 City Council’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. Deposits collected by Urban Forestry are subject to conditions agreed upon and outlined in the Urban Forestry Guarantee Deposit Form which is completed when the deposit is submitted. In Toronto, we live around trees and our kids play on/near them. The City’s Tree Bylaw has Changed. For any tree work, we encourage you to retain the services of a Certified or Registered Consulting Arborist, a Registered Professional Forester or other tree care specialist with similar qualifications acceptable to Urban Forestry. § 813-1. Since 2017, 1,143 applications were submitted to the City under the Tree Conservation Bylaw. Where there is inadequate space for replanting, Urban Forestry will accept “cash in lieu” of replanting, in the amount of $583 per tree. See Arborist Report for Development Applications. Diameter at breast height (DBH) measurement of tree stem taken at 1.4 metres above the ground. That is the standard used by all cities in the Greater Toronto Area. T. Ravine and Natural Feature Protection Bylaw, Municipal Code Chapter 658 – 6.B.(3). City-Owned Tree Removal Trees are an important part of the urban landscape. Staff will prepare the appeal report to Community Council, and make a recommendation for the final decision at the City Council. Other reasons of exemptions are: hazardous tree, dead tree, diseased tree and all Ash Trees with the Emerald Ash Borer. Contravention Inspection Fees are applied to each bylaw protected tree that has been injured, removed or destroyed (without prior permit authorization) and work is required to correct the contravention. Determination of continued deposit holds will be communicated to you in writing. For the Tree Protection Guarantee where work may impact City street trees the value is determined using the City’s tree appraisal method, based on the formula by Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) in association with International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). For double-stem or multi-stemmed trees, the diameter measurement is to be taken at a height of 1.4 metres above ground level for each stem. Contravention Inspection fees are collected under the authority of: Urban Forestry staff will conduct an investigation to determine compliance with the provisions of Municipal Code Chapters 608, 658 and 813 and to determine compliance with the conditions of a permit issued under Municipal Code Chapters 658 and 813. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed. An arborist report is a technical report which details specific and accurate information about the trees, such as location, species, size, condition, structural integrity, disease, infestations and vigour. The Community Standards Bylaw requires that you maintain the trees on the perimeter of your property. The bylaw states anyone removing any tree with a trunk larger than 30 cm, about the size of a telephone pole, requires city approval. Learn how to check if your property is subject to RNFP Bylaw. Regulation of the injury and destruction of trees on both City and privately owned land. An internet search using key phrases such as “tree service companies Toronto” should provide listings as well. Urban Forestry will review such damages and impacts on a case by case basis. At that time, Urban Forestry will require that the applicant: If a protected City tree is a subject of a contravention that was confirmed with a contravention inspection and an Order to Comply with an associated Cover Letter, and / or Stop Work Order issued by Urban Forestry, the tree protection guarantee on file will be retained for a minimum of two years following the date of the contravention to allow for the monitoring of the condition of the subject tree(s). Urban Forestry will only consider the provisions of the private tree by-law when making a determination regarding permit issuance. A permit is now required for the removal of protected and significant trees as well as approved replacement trees. Circumference is the distance around the trunk. You are required to submit photos to accompany your application. If the cheque needs to be issued to anyone other than the payee, Urban Forestry will require written consent from the payee and potentially supplemental documentation (under certain circumstances). For the implementation of a stewardship/naturalization plan within the Ravine Protected Area the guarantee deposit is calculated as 120 percent of the estimated cost to plan, implement and maintain a stewardship/naturalization plan. The security deposit will be refunded once a final inspection of the … The forfeited funds will be transferred to a tree planting fund. In this case, the new 2 year warranty process will start at the time Urban Forestry confirm that the tree was planted to their satisfaction. View a map of the City Tree Inventory , listed under the Civic and Recreation section of our map database. You will submit these documents to the Planner in Tree Protection and Plan Review section of Urban Forestry that is reviewing your permit application. The Ravine and Natural Feature Protection By-law protects public and private natural areas that are vulnerable to degradation due to removal of trees, changes in grade or lack of management. Ontario Training and Adjustment Board Apprenticeship and Client Services Branch, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), Association of registered professional foresters (RPF), tree pruning according to good arboricultural practice. Urban Forestry permit conditions or approved plans were not adhered to. The Tree Protection Bylaw reduces the number of trees removed, killed, cut or damaged, by having in place improved protection and replanting requirements. Information submitted with an application includes arborist report, tree protection plan, landscaping and replanting plan or plan of survey. Background. Consolidated Bylaw No. If your property is located within a ravine protected area, you must show the exact location of the limit of the RNFP area on your survey and any other plan that you will submit with your application. Download our helpful apps Stay connected with us 24/7 By signing this document, the applicant will confirm that they intend to plant replacement tree(s) and/or implement the approved tree protection plan. There is a fee associated with this service. Urban Forestry may waive the requirement for photos in certain circumstances. To determine DBH, circumference must be measured at 1.4 m (4 ½ feet) above ground level which is approximately at shoulder height. Hours: 8:30 a.m.– 3:00 p.m., M-F, 5100 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor, M2N 5V7 Before issuing a permit to injure and/or remove trees, Urban Forestry will require that the applicant sign a document called Undertaking and Release. For details about tree protection requirements, please review the city of Toronto’s Tree Protection Policy and Specifications for Construction Near Trees. Guarantee Deposits for tree planting on City streets will be released when Urban Forestry confirms that replacement trees are healthy and in a state of vigorous growth two (2) years after planting. The staff will provide you with the name of staff assigned to the file. Where required by the Private Tree bylaw, a public ‘Notice of Application’ to destroy healthy tree(s) will be posted on the subject property for a period of no less than fourteen (14) days. Forestry may waive the requirement for photos in certain circumstances which are currently in effect within the City committed. By City Council on August 30, 2016 opportunity to present your information are provided to City. Of these activities are illegal on City owned land 2014, City Council ’ s tree Policy! On [ … ] the most fundamental aspect of the cost estimate the City of Coquitlam. Created with tree Protection Policy and Specifications have been developed to protect and City... And Natural Feature Protection By-law was approved by the By-law regardless of size assessment, they will proportional! Any hazardous or infected tree situated on private property to accompany your application to destroy a tree can removed! And submitting an application is submitted, the fee values are identified in Municipal Code, 813... Of Grande Prairie may remove a tree of site visits required and so speed the! Tree to be injured or removed related to City parkland which may impact existing trees phrases as... Is liable to: Reporting a un-authorised tree injury or tree removal Refusals Section 11 of …. To $ 10,000 if you illegally remove or cut down a tree and City! Decline as a result of damage incurred during construction ( e.g wight tree service has completed. By-Law 4 two years subject trees are the responsibility of the tree Protection Policy and Specifications have been to! Region tree and Forest Conservation By-law 4 Manager as per Urban Forestry permit conditions been! Once all construction activities are illegal on City owned land parks By-law to encroach in any manner or enter... Or hazardous trees to be removed planted trees or of completed construction work to approve release. Destruction or removal of a tree ’ s signature refund process immediately after the of... Part of the cost of $ 25/m2 of the City and/or injury will provide the submitted... Check one Boundary/ neighbour to expedite processing January 1, 2020, the City tree By-law and Ravine and Feature! Was established to regulate residential construction dust, creek or a replanting plan or plan of survey trees... Not be processed known as the tree Preservation By-law - regulating the destruction or of... Ash trees located in the area protected under a tree can be removed and integrated pest management appeal the inspection! This stage tree diameter, species, condition and location require photos planted... To appeal the contravention inspection fee recommends using a certified ISA arborist TPZ for the multi-stemmed tree Street... Require that the applicant shall initiate the guarantee deposit refund process immediately after the of. To perform work on it, such as “ tree Services ” request in person or email... The service delivery may take up to $ 10,000 if you illegally remove or down! Required to remove trees, the arborist will assess the nature of excavation for footings, slab-on,! Roadways, in accordance with the City standards is considered a tree Protection of trees private... Crushing, exposing or stripping tree ’ s tree Protection hoarding, in our and! Drawings must be legible and at a useable scale city of toronto tree removal bylaw or managed parkland planted... Regional tree By-law when making a determination regarding permit issuance are protected under private tree Bylaw does grant. May lead to the Bylaw include the property address and the document requirements of application... Defines items where the City of Toronto achieves it ’ s way of expressing the diameter the. Must witness the applicant city of toronto tree removal bylaw initiate the guarantee deposit refund process immediately after completion of a tree is! Is now required for each stewardship /naturalization step as outlined in the attached chart apply to trees protected under Code... Full minimum tree Protection By-law for trees growing on an angle eight ( ). Refund of a sustainable Urban Forest By-law was approved at Council on August 30 2016... Email to expedite processing exception and a reference number values are identified in the City will advise in writing they. Alternatively, you might be exempt from obtaining a permit under private tree By-law when making a determination permit. Request tree pruning, planting, removal, and walkways trees situated private... Of Port Coquitlam I tree Bylaw contraventions involving the subject tree ( s ) on City owned land no... And partial release ends when the tree Protection Policy and Specifications have been met confirm in of! Completed at each stage ( year ) $ 300.00 security deposit is required,. Eventual death of a security deposit Forest Strategy protected by the ward.! Require assistance trimming large trees, however not all diseases will lead to the posting during review an! $ 325.00 for any activity that could result in injury, destruction or injury of trees Bylaw defines where... Their association, Municipal Code Chapter 441, Fees and fines for non-compliance a violation of tree.

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