Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

About AmeriWest Gold

AmeriWest Gold is an exploration company specializing in gold mineral projects with demonstrated resources acquired within the United States. AmeriWest Gold’s management is a technically driven team with decades of experience in mining and finance with a proven track record of success.The company’s aim is to acquire undervalued mineral projects that have had substantial exploration work performed and either have demonstrated resources or are close to production.

AmeriWest Gold’s project portfolio to date includes the “Friday Zone” project located in Idaho with indicated resources of 647,000 Oz.

Our Mission

• Investing in robust precious metal deposits with significant potential for regional development and near-term production.
• Focusing on geopolitically stable regions where we have a history of discovery and production to maximize success.
• Focusing on world-class exploration projects with strong near-term production and growth potential.
• Adhering to strict standards and targeting assets that provide a cost effective investment of time and capital.
• Current supply and demand conditions are creating significant market 
opportunities. Billions of investment dollars are seeking and acquiring precious metals assets in a dysfunctional marketplace.

AmeriWest Gold is Well Positioned 
to take advantage of this dysfunctional market as it has the capacity and capability to provide the assets in demand and is comprised of a management team with significant discovery, development and value creation expertise with a proven track record of success


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